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BEWARE – SK / CAN: Disturbing report of boys and girls being abducted, drugged and… Escaped male youth tells of hearing “…other girls and lil girl’s in that house, I was strong enough to escape”

In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


First nations youth in and around Prince Albert seem to have real cause to beware of what is being described as a possible case of child  / human  / sex trafficking by what is described by Pakistani and or east Indian persons.

Emerald Ryan Jade to First Nation Indigenous Warriors

“Nadia Quill It’s real!! It’s always been there!! So be careful! Don’t trust anyone!”

Alvina Waskahat LaPlante commnets: “We as first nations need to band together and watch out for one another, no taking cabs unless your not alone, the men need to step up and start watching over the woman and children, don’t go anywhere with a stranger, especially an East Indian, people are going missing everyday because of these ppl. DEPORT!!!”

Curtis Theboneless Mason comments in part “… Cops wont look into this. They rather investigate animal cruelty cases.”

Jay Katchiwe comments: “Politicians, Police, Judges and Lawyers with help of CFS/CPS are behind it all.”


Jessica Powder comments: “Sapara Its didnt happened at Bryant place he ran to there to get help i guess im from pa and last year around this time i almost got abducted by a guy in a truck and i had to jump from the moving truck and went running and hid cause i thought he was c Gonna come back for me i tried to knock on doors but no one answered called the police they didnt do anything and told me to walk to the hospital on top of it here in pa and they didnt even write anything down i was saying and then told me to walk to the hospital after jumping from a moving truck”

What if anything will come of this we do not know.. We are going to reach out to theses youth for more comments. Developing….

UPDATE: Saskatchewan RCMP have responded to our request for a reaction or comment

We received the following via Facebook :

Thank-you for your message. Saskatchewan RCMP social media accounts are not monitored 24/7. If you require police assistance or would like to make a complaint, please contact your local RCMP detachment or police service. In an emergency, call 911.
The above is a canned auto response this following is the actual response / comment.
Good afternoon John. From what is listed within the Facebook messages, this would best be addressed by the Prince Albert Police Service as these incidents that are being spoken about are alleged to have happened in Prince Albert. Thanks. ^mm



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