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[EFFORT] Chris Hansen, of To Catch a Predator Fame, has gone crazy and attacked his fanbase. YouTube copyright strikes, doxxing and death threats abound.

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Chris Hansen was a reporter on MSNBC and rose to prominence with his To Catch a Predator series in the mid-2000s, a show in which he would set up a sting to catch would-be pedophiles. If you’ve never seen the show or want to look back here is a Google drive with select episodes.

For a variety of reasons, including certainly Assistant D.A. Louis Conradt killing himself with a shot to the face as he was about to be apprehended, the show was cancelled. I’m not really sure what Chris Hansen did professionally after that, but his contract was eventually not renewed at MSNBC. He became involved in a bit of a scandal when he was caught cheating on his wife, in much the same fashion he caught pedophiles on his show. He developed a drinking problem, gained significant weight, and kind of faded.

Fast forward to a few years ago when he attempted to regain relevance by starting a kickstarter for a new show, Hansen vs. Predator. The kickstarter was successful, and one season was picked up by Crime Watch Daily and aired. The show lacked a lot of the zest that To Catch a Predator had and wasn’t received as favorably. It was cancelled after one season, and I believe Crime Watch Daily folded. By the way, the people who donated to his Kickstarter never received their promised merchandise.

Fast forward to just a couple of months ago, when Chris Hansen again is trying to attain relevancy by launching a YouTube channel. Earlier in the year, he likely hit rock bottom when he was arrested for larceny after not paying for $13,000 of cheap shit he bought from some vendor. There are rumors that he is currently living in his Mom’s basement (more on that in a second). However, he launched a new site, hansenvspredators.com (note the plural ‘predators’) which promised new footage, new stings, etc. It was a subscription-based servie that cost something like a whopping $85 per year.

Okay let’s put that on hold for a second and go back to To Catch a Predator. It may seem unbelievable, or kind of funny, but there is actually still a huge fanbase for the original show. The show only lasted like 19 episodes, but people have dug up police interrogations of the pedophiles using open records requests, voice actors do chat log readings in the voice of the pedophiles, people create songs about the predators, it’s a pretty interesting community. Three women got together and catfished the most famous pedophile (Lorne Armstrong) for years and posted the hundreds if not thousands of hours of phone calls with him – that’s another thread for this sub! There’s also a lot of in-fighting in the community, but the community is very much alive despite the show being cancelled 12 years ago.

Hansen fires the first shot

Things were going well, and everyone was happy. Fans are getting interviews, new content, and weekly Q&As with Chris Hansen. Chris Hansen was presumably making money.

But things took a dramatic turn for the worst when Chris Hansen posted this video on his channel, titled Chris Hansen Message to the underground predator followers and YouTube. It’s only 38 seconds long, but I know people are averse to watching videos so I’ll transcribe the video:

Hey everybody, Chris Hansen here. You know, something very bizarre and disturbing happened over the weekend. Some self-proclaimed followers of my predator investigations filed complaints on YouTube over me using my own work on my YouTube channel. So, I want them to know that I will protect my work, by copyright or any other means necessary. I also want to tell you that these people who filed the complaints actually use my material on their sites. Doesn’t make sense to me either. And I hope YouTube is listening because they need to correct this situation. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Seems reasonable, right? Well, the content creators have a bit of a different story to tell. It started with one – Chris Hansen harassing content creator youtube channels .

FRIENDS I COME WITH TERRIBLE NEWS!!!! CHRIS HANSEN has lost his mind and has betrayed our fanbase. He is going on a warpath and having any and all Predator related content destroyed, until only his broken channel remains. The legendary Joey’s TCAP Channel and The Cappening channel (home of the Dustin McPhetridge interview) have been terminated, as well as Clobbering Time, Reborne, TCAP TV, most of Danimation, and more.

And another one. My YouTube Channel Has Been Terminated.

Then another one – I joined the suspended club

And the hits kept coming. Pretty soon ,virtually anyone who uploaded TCAP content had their YouTube shut down.

The fans are worked up into an absolute froth. One long-time posted opined that Chris Hansen is a loser

It seems as though Chris Hansen was filing a copyright strike against any TCAP related content, including public domain works such as the police interrogation. The owner of the Temple of TCAP site – a guy using the name tixxx tixxx – linked above is especially raging, promising to take Hansen to court.

The channels are just suspended pending his false flag posts. Chris Hansen shows his recent arrest was no fluke. Cant wait to see his appearance in court for fraud.

He cant be that retarded. He is either on drugs or it is a planned scam like he has done before.

First priority is to win the false copyright claims he made. I never had anything to do with Hansen and have not watched any of his stuff apart from the Ambrosio interview. That he steals my stuff is in line with what we’ve heard from others who’ve dealt with him. I did not believe it until today.

A pity Hansen is insane. But I have much more money than him. Perhaps I’ll hire a lawyer about the police interviews.

The owner of the site is also the one that is claiming Chris lives with his mother. I haven’t found a reliable source for this.

What’s worse in the mind of most content creators is Chris Hansen literally stole derivative works and public domain videos from other subscribers before filing copyright strikes, and posted them on his channel. This is apparent by intro music, title cards, and any other slight change the uploader made. Even the descriptions of the videos are completely plagiarized from the original uploader.

Twitter Nonsense and Death Threats

Chris was apparently tweeting out to his fans about this, and stirring the rabid dogs into a bit of a tizzy. I don’t really use twitter so I don’t know that much.

It all to a head yesterday, when someone send a death threat to a content creator.

Today I received a death threat from someone who was very upset with me. The email had my name, my address and a google google street view of my home. Where my children live.

Chris Hansen has spewed his hate on twitter, video, youtube and reddit. I guess his wacko followers are just following his lead. The email seemingly came from one of his followers.

I have no quarrel with Hansen. I have not been active since 2016 when CoC went bust. Some know me as an admin here, and my name is out there.

I consider Hansen responsible for the threats against myself and my family.

Hansen has doxxed two Canadian youtubers so far. I am a U.S. citizen and can easily be reached by the sickos who eat up his bullshit. NC is a CCW state. If I see anyone enter my property or vehicle to hurt me or my family, I will kill them.

Since I know Hansen and his creatures reads this site, I hereby consider him informed of these events.

I have spent a few hours to gather evidence on how Hansen riled up a mob against people like me. Unlike Hansen, who is unemployed and lives in his moms basement, I have a job, a family and a real life. I dont have time for his internet horseshit and expect him to calm his followers in his next twitter post.

No matter what happens, I’m going to the cops tomorrow and my wife will be calling Fox News, TMZ and any news outlet that covered Hansens past crimes.

Hansen responds

Today was the usual day for Hansen to host his Q&A. He had a special guest, someone who was victimized by an on-line predator. If you think a woman recounting how she was kidnapped and raped is an ideal time to spam Chris Hansen’s YouTube chat with questions about the kickstarter, his larceny charge, his copyright strikes, and the death threats, you’re apparently right.

Unfortunately, the chat was disabled on the non-live version. However Chris does go into detail about what is happening. It is typical boomer-level understanding of the Internet, including intentionally conflating legitimate copyright strikes with his illegitimate ones.

He talks for about 15 minutes on this so it’s too long for me to type up, but here is the link of where it starts on today’s broadcast. The tl;dw is basically “I didn’t do anything wrong.” He also seems to vaguely threaten his detractors by saying he “knows people at YouTube.”

What’s Next

It’s unclear what will happen from here.

  • Presumably people are copyright striking Chris Hansen’s channel en masse

  • People are fighting back against the claims, which may adversely affect Chris Hansen’s channel

  • Will the victim of the death threat get to use his CCW on the perpetrator?

  • Will the owner of the Temple of TCAP file a lawsuit / press fraud charges on Chris Hansen?

All will be answered in due time.