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Official Australian Government Document – Risk Assessment of J & J jab

Some highlights:

-Admission it is a GMO and alters the genes of those who take the shots
-Admission the worldwide clinical trial is underway now, including in USA
-Dismissive of risks by comparing completely different vaccines used for completely different viruses (or even in different species, eg they say “no shedding found in mice for this totally different vaccine for a totally different virus”. This is how they decided to dismiss many of the risks.
-Several valid / actual risks to safety of both receivers and those who don’t take the shot (ie shedding) acknowledged and dismissed as negligible
-Included in that list are things we have ALREADY SEEN HAPPEN, example spike proteins moving away from site of injection and lymph nodes (spike proteins found in every organ of the body in rare cases where autopsies of shot deaths performed and reported)
-Reporting system of harmful events: they leave it up to the company to decide what is credible information of adverse events!!! And it’s up to the company to keep an eye on reports made about them!!!
-Admission of the possibility of the shot “virus” interacting with other viruses – which is dismissed as “unexpected”. Novel effects (ie, unknown new effects) likewise dismissed as negligible.

And much more.