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Someone in China may have caught flourescence from weather mod on camera – Something wrong with the sky in China

异象!京津夜空惊现神秘光斑| 法轮大法正见网

Even if that’s not what this is, the Chinese ARE seeing the type of ring cloud shown in the Haarp report.

The following are a number of comments in Chinese.

This video was shot right where the horrible floods are.



I am a little suspicious this might be some sort of light show, but the Chinese are quite worked up about this, there are over a thousand comments and you’d think they’d know if this was something normal. So it definitely worth seeing what they have to say about this.

Translations from comments in Chinese – (obviously just the top few)


“The suspected giant ring is in the clouds, and the ring flashes with blue light…” My comment: Oh, you mean that ring I keep posting??? The one at the top of the page now? That’s actually an earth shattering comment considering the Haarp report.

“God has come to save the common people” – My comment: That’s probably a CIA post because the communist party is supposed to be operating under divine mandate, so that’s a direct challenge to XI. It is also obvious this sky show is not natural.

异象!京津夜空惊现神秘光斑| 法轮大法正见网

“At first I did not believe it until I heard a child in the video talking about it, a child will not lie”


“The unsatisfied injustice hovered in the sky”


“If there is a different aspect in the sky, there must be disaster! Bad omen!”


“Seeing you say that these are unjustified, I don’t know why I cried when I watched it…”


“Don’t look at it, pack a life-saving backpack, and prepare to escape at any time. If you live in a high-rise building, don’t run into the street. Go to the neighborhood upstairs to be sheltered and overcome the difficulties together, Amitabha”


“Ominous omen! So many undead who died unjustly in the water!”

?神奇!鄭州夜空現#神秘異象....疑似巨型環狀物在雲層中,環狀物帶有藍光點閃爍滾動著... #河南鄭州#Henan #Zhengzhou # flooding #China #UFO -

“It should be the US emperor’s TR3B looking at me! It appeared in Shanghai last month.”


“The child even talked about the United States, China is so good…”


“It feels like a dead soul. Thousands of people died, too much, too much”


“The weather weapon is here again, run away”