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Canada’s Bill C-11 explained: A chilling law that lets the government censor user-generated content

The bill will hurt Canadian creators and users, benefit mainstream media outlets, and make it difficult for small platforms to

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Watch Live Video Here: U.S. Presidential Debates ~ Hillary Versus Trump 2016 ~ #Debates

#Debates Tonight is the first presidential debate, featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing off one-on-one. The event will be

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Man charged after revenge website created to ‘destroy’ ex-wife

Patrick Fox, a Burnaby, B.C., man who told CBC in February that he created a website to “destroy” his ex-wife, has been charged in Canada with

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Tell the CRTC: All Canadians Deserve Faster, Cheaper Internet Service

Big Telecom giants plan to keep you locked into some of the most expensive Internet services in the industrialized world.

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